About – Activities, Arts, Crafts, Entertainment, Parenting celebrates the activities, growth, and development of children. As parents we have an obligation to make sure that our children are happy, healthy, mentally challenged and physically challenged during their impressionable years.

Our purpose is to bring Activity and Childcare Services together with Parents on one site so that both can be informed on a platform that is mutually beneficial to the parents, the children and the businesses that service them.

Prepare for the future!

The toughest task for a parent is to be a parent! Being a parent is about being on a constant duty as a friend, philosopher and guide to the child. While taking the best care of child’s necessities there is an utmost need to prepare them for the future.

With quality education, right bend towards the talent and bringing in confidence to face the world – celebrates the activities, growth and development of a child. You shall find with us the best of health and mental well-being, entertainment, inspiration and even parenting tips to do your job at its best!

Kids want more and we serve more for the parents to meet the wants!

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