5 Reasons to Get Your Children a Furry Little Friend to Play With

5 Reasons to Get Your Children a Furry Little Friend to Play With

Pets are a source of comfort for adults, but they also provide benefits for children too!  You may often find children who long for a furry little friend of their own, because friends have one! That is not a good reason to get your child a pet.  Pets can provide benefits to your child and whole family.  Pets play a very significant role in the development of your children.  Using them just to show off to their class mates should not be the only objective of keeping them.  Let’s have a look at a few reasons why your children need a furry little friend in their lives!

1.     Kids with Pets are Very Active

One of the greatest advantages of having a pet for your child is that Fluffy can make them very active. Most kids these days prefer playing games on their Play Station, smartphones, tablets or gaming PCs.  They seldom prefer to go out and play in the scorching sun. This does not only make them a victim to obesity but also induces a lack of Vitamin D and Calcium due to the lack of exposure to sunlight. This results in a number of health concerns; weaker bones being just one of them.  A pet can change that; most pets require to be taken outside for a walk or to play otherwise they will never let you sleep. Your kids will be able to have their share of the physical exercise while they take their pet out to play.

2.     Kids Understand Their Responsibilities

Having a pet is a huge responsibility. Cleaning after it, bathing it, feeding it and taking it for a walk are all tasks that need looking after. Children under the age of 10 are rather careless but having a pet makes them responsible.

3.     Kids Become Way More Interactive

Having a cat or dog that stays quiet is quite impossible. In the wake of their furry little friends, children begin to talk as well. Sometimes, among children below the age of 5, you will notice them trying to form incoherent words in response to the meowing or barking of their pets.  This exchange allows the kids to become efficient at speech from an early age.

4.     Kids with Pets are Fearless

Many kids are afraid of the space under their beds, inside their closets etc. If your pets sleep underneath the bed or stays in a room with your child, your child will have constant reassurance from their furry little friend.

5.     Kids with Pets Always have a Companion

Kids that have pets never feel alone even when they don’t have a friend or sibling. They always have their pet to count on. Pets can be good listeners to all the ranting of your kids. They can even sense when your children are sad and try to cheer them up in their cute little ways.

Pets bring liveliness to homes! If you have children, be sure to bring them a good friend in the form of a loyal pet, on which they can count on when they most need it!

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