Top 7 Movies All Kids Should See By Age 10

Top 7 Movies All Kids Should See By Age 10

Parents who think that children under the age of 10 should not be allowed to watch movies are highly mistaken.  Movies have a great impact on our lives. Let’s have a look at the top 7 kid movies that every kid under the age of 10 should watch.

1.     The Lion King

The first movie in the Lion King series shows a strong relationship between Simba, the central character and his father who is the King of the Jungle. It shows how they disagree in the beginning but ultimately Simba realizes that his father had been right in forbidding him to visit the Elephant graveyard because he comes face to face with the dangers lurking there. After watching this one, you can be sure your kids will never do anything you forbid them to.  It’s a beautiful story about how baby Simba develops into a more responsible adult version of himself. There are a lot of other fantastic things about this movie too, but we don’t want to give too much away!


2.     Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone

Another classic! The first one in the Harry Potter series lays out an exemplary depiction of friendship and support when it shows Ron and Hermione following Harry in his quest to find the stone in the magical, fascinating world of Hogwarts!  It teaches your kids to stand up to bullies like Draco Malfoy and make friends without any greed or ulterior motives and to keep them for life! It is very likely that the movie may compel your child to read the Harry Potter books as well improving their reading habits.

3.     Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Your kids will absolutely love the family of Charlie Bucket who are not very well off financially but they manage with their large family in a small hut. And they will enjoy the strange Willy Wonka with all his riches and chocolates but no one to share it with. It will teach them the lesson to share whatever they’ve got with their friends.

4.     Home Alone

It is the first installment of a hilarious comedy. Kevin is an 8 year old boy who gets left behind accidentally when his parents board the plane to Paris. Your children will love the adventures of Kevin and learn from his mistake of shutting himself up in the room when he shouldn’t have!

5.     Despicable Me

This is the story of a bad guy who turned good under the influence of three children. After watching this movie, your child will surely realize the importance of spreading joy and happiness into other people’s lives!

6.     The Jungle Book (Animated Version)

One more classic that teaches your kids just how important love and loyalty are! The movie follows the story of a human boy Mowgli who is raised by various wild animals; wolves and bears to name a few.  We sometimes forget that animals too have homes and families. This movie shows their families and teaches our young to protect these creatures of Mother Nature as well!

7.     Up

This is another amazing animated film that brings two unlikely generations together. An old grumpy man and a little boy befriend each other to join hands in a life changing adventure. This movie will help bring your children closer to their grandparents, respect their views and adore them as they are.

Children learn from the examples that they see on the screen and if their favorite characters are making the right choices, they are likely to follow as well! These movies will give them heroes and role models to look up to!


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