Six Ways to Get Your Kids to Eat Healthy and Better

Six Ways to Get Your Kids to Eat Healthy and Better

We all know that it is no easy task to make kids eat healthy from the start.  No matter how much you try to lure your child into eating an apple, or an egg your child either runs away or creates havoc to let him/her devour candies instead.  So, to put all worrisome parents out of their misery, below are six ways to make your kids love nutritious food!

1: Get Your Kids Cooking

The best way to make your kids love healthy food is to involve them in the process of making healthy food!  Just come up with exciting twists to add in your meals to make it healthier and let children do the work. You can opt for sandwiches, salad bars, and mashed potatoes for meals, while fruits and yogurt can work as dessert options. To keep the activity safe, buy kids-friendly kitchen appliances and let your children have fun.

2: Add Some Variety

There is no doubt that kids tend to get moody.  Some days they prefer rice and other days they don’t. To be on the safe side, it is better to have a variety of dishes to let your kids decide what they want to eat. This way your kid wouldn’t sleep on an empty stomach for sure.

3: Make Mealtimes More Exciting

One way to make mealtimes more fun and energetic is to play with food.  Have your kids decide cool and funky names for different food items. It is more likely for them to eat something when it sounds more appealing. Also, you can play around with the presentation of some healthy munchies. Children are  curious beings so a unique setting up of food will definitely pique their interests to have a taste of it as well.

4: Don’t Push Too Hard

You don’t need to threaten your children or break a sweat to force them to eat healthy. Doing so will highly make them resist the food all the more. Don’t make meals such a big deal. If your kids are around the age of 6 to 8 then it is better to offer them food and let them be.  They will eventually eat on their own terms without being forced.  If your kids are younger than that then negotiating works, such as, you can say to your kids that they will get a bar of Kit Kat only if they finish their crunchy chicken salad.

5: Let Your Kids Make Food Choices

A great way to instill in your children the habit of making better food choices is to build a fun “snack shelf” at home where all the nutritious foods are accessible, and encourage your kids to choose from there.  By motivating children to choose themselves will not only make them responsible towards their nutritious diet, but will also make them eat healthy in your absence.

6: Be a Role Model

Last but not the least, is to be a good role model to your children. You should eat healthy and better so that your children imitate your habit and eventually adopt a fit lifestyle.  After all, children learn more from what you do than what you preach!

That’s a wrap on six simple and fun ways to get your kids consume better and more nutritious food.




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