Bully And Bullied – How to Deal With Both

Bully And Bullied – How to Deal With Both

Kids have a lot of energy in their bodies which needs to be channeled in a constructive way. Since their bodies are developing new emotions and strengths, you can expect different and sometimes strange behaviors. Kids are often found bullying other kids in school. This happens when they want to feel important, dominant and stronger. The victims usually have a weaker appearance, both physically as well as emotionally.

As a parent, it is important for you to know whether your child is bullying anyone or being bullied by someone. These experiences, although small, can create a permanent damage in their personality. Small activities like having lunch or going to the bathroom can become a nightmare for the victim.

The Bully

Kids who bully usually think it is okay to behave that way. Their homes and surroundings have the same behavior issues where everyone shouts and name calling is common. Reality shows on TV broadcast this behavior as well where a person who has no talent is shunned and laughed at. Remember that kids learn what they see. They will treat others the same way others treat them.

The best way to stop your child from bullying anyone is to channel their energy into positive activities. These activities can be anything from sports to art work. The busier your child remains, the better brain and body development they will undergo. They will not have the time to pick on someone.

Make sure that you create a calm and positive environment at home. Surrounding your kids with a friendly and positive environment can create the perfect setting to raise a confident and happy child. A happier child is one who feels loved and secured at home. This can only be generated through devotion and displaying acts of kindness.

The Bullied

Your child may not tell you that they are being bullied. Unless you can see that there are visible bruises and injuries, you can identify bullying through the behavior of your child. If your kid is being moody or anxious for no reason at all – it can indicate that something is wrong. You may notice that your kid is not eating or sleeping well.

Things that your kid usually enjoyed before is no more interesting for them. If you notice that your kid is avoiding something like not taking the school bus – it may indicate they’re being bullied. Your kid may become distant if they are being bullied at school. The best way is to seek them out and encourage them to open up.

You can start by striking a conversation based on a situation broadcasted on TV or in a storybook. Ask questions like “Has this ever happened to you?” This might encourage them to open up and share their experiences with you. You can tell them your own experiences and how you dealt with a bully.

Once your kid opens up, make sure that you continue to keep a track of the development. Your child will feel more secured and confident now that they know that you have their back.

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