Sports Primer: Soccer for Kids

Sports Primer: Soccer for Kids

Soccer is a form of football. This sport involves kicking or bouncing a ball around without the use of arms and hands.

Age Groups

The best age to get your child involved in soccer is when he or she is 4 to 7 years of age. This is the ideal age as the child will think of it as a fun sport while learning the intricate coordination and balance skills required to play soccer.

Soccer is a sport that is meant to be played in teams. There are two teams of eleven players. Each team has to defend their goal, while the other has to shoot in the opponent’s goal in order to win.

Health Benefits of Soccer for Kids

Soccer is a sport that involves a lot of aerobic exercise. Because of the excessive running, the stamina of the child will increase. Due to the constant moving in the game, the child’s heart and lungs will strengthen along with improved metabolism and reduction in blood pressure. This sport will lower the body fat and improve the functions of muscles. The running, kicking, and jumping allow the muscles to strengthen.

This sport is good for teaching kids coordination as there is always the need to switch between sprinting, running, and walking. Complex movement like dribbling and passing will also be improved due to coordination. The child will have better sense of teamwork. There will be an increase in self-confidence, self-esteem and reduction in anxiety.

Equipment Needed for Soccer

The equipment needed for this sport include:

  • Soccer cleats
  • Shin guards
  • Long socks
  • Correct uniform
  • A football

This game can be played anytime and anywhere, but for a proper game, it requires a field.  The general cost of soccer may range between $50 and $200 per child, and cost may vary according to each institution.

This sport is good for kids as it allows them to develop great skills that are helpful in everyday life.


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