Sports Primer: Basketball for Kids

Sports Primer: Basketball for Kids

Basketball is a game that involves throwing a ball into a net that is fixated on both ends of the court.

Age Groups

The ideal age to start basketball is 5 or 6 years; however, kids of this age must play with a small sized ball. At the age of 7-9, kids will start to learn the rules of this game along with the basic skills with a normal sized ball.

Basketball is a team sport. It consists of two teams of five players in each. Each team is supposed to throw the ball in the opponent’s net to get points.

Health Benefits of Basketball for Kids

Basketball is amazing at burning calories, as it requires constant jumping, running and quick movements. Due to the excessive moving, an individual’s cardiovascular health improves. It builds endurance that keeps the heart healthy while reducing all risks of heart problems. This sport also builds bone and muscle strength.

Basketball has the ability to improve concentration and self-discipline. Along with this, it enhances coordination skills and motor skills. This sport helps reduce stress and boosts the functions of the immune system while providing confidence to the person playing.

Equipment Needed for Basketball

The equipment needed for this sport includes:

  • Court (must have the key as it is important in determining points)
  • Basketball hoop
  • Basketball
  • Shot clock
  • Whistle
  • The proper uniform

When playing a proper match, it is important to play on a basketball court.

The general cost is $45-$80 per month, but prices may go up to $200 depending on which training institude your child attends.

This sport is good for kids, as it will improve their physical health.

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