Sports Primer: Volleyball for Kids

Sports Primer: Volleyball for Kids

Volleyball is the game that involves throwing a ball over a net using hands in order to score points.

Age Groups

There is no specific age for starting this sport. If parents want, they can get their kids involved with volleyball at the age of 6-9. However, volleyball institutions do not accept kids under the age of 10.

Volleyball is a team sport that consists of two teams of six players on either side of the net.

Health Benefits of Volleyball for Kids

Volleyball has the ability to burn fat and calories while giving the body a toned and shaped outlook. This game requires lost of strength, which leads to building muscular and bone strength. Since there is constant moving required, volleyball can increase metabolism. This sport promotes blood flow in the body, which leads to a healthy heart. Volleyball requires quick thinking and movement that builds speed, balance, coordination and agility.

This sport requires the cooperation to work together as a team. Since everyone has the same goal, it promotes team work. In addition, children who play volley ball also have better leadership skills. Volleyball can lead to good moods, self-appreciation, boost in self-confidence & self-esteem and reduced stress.

Equipment Needed for Volleyball

The equipment needed for this sport is:

  • Ball
  • Net
  • Court
  • Proper uniform
  • Cables and posts

This sport cannot be played at home, as it requires a proper volleyball court with lines.

The general cost is $64 per hour, and prices may vary according to the institution the kid is attending.

This sport is good for kids as it allows them to develop how to interact with people and gett the fittest and healthiest body.


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