Sports Primer: Gymnastics for Kids

Sports Primer: Gymnastics for Kids

Gymnastics is a fun sport that is the base of all physical activities and sports. It improves the range of movements, as well as flexibility..

Age Groups

Kids aged 2-5 can begin gymnastics to improve their motor skills, as well as to have fun. However, some gymnastic academies suggest that kids aged 6 or more should involved in this sport. Age limits vary for gymnastics internationally.

Gymnastics can be a team or individual sport depending on how it is practiced.

Health Benefits of Gymnastics for Kids

Gymnastics is a great sport as it gives the child healthy and strong bones. With all the weight-bearing exercise, bones tend to become strong and healthy. Practicing this sport allows individuals to have a healthy body that can prevent health problems such as cancer, obesity, and heart-problems. This sport is best to develop strength of the entire core, upper and lower body.

Gymnastics allows self-esteem to increase along with cognitive functioning. With the mental focus and concentration that is required, there is an increase in coordination as well. This sport also helps children learn discipline as it teaches them self-control and how to behave.

Equipment Needed for Gymnastics

The equipment needed for this sport include:

  • Mats
  • Uneven bar
  • Balance bean
  • Floor spring
  • Horizontal bar
  • Parallel bars

This sport cannot be played at home as it requires a big field.

The general cost is $45-$300 per month, and prices may vary according to the institution the kid is attending and the age of the child.

This sport is good for kids as it allows them to develop a sense of environment while providing the child with endless benefits.


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