Family Comes First – Teaching the Importance of Family Time to Kids

Family Comes First – Teaching the Importance of Family Time to Kids

Doing the laundry, cooking meals and getting groceries, you are always caught up in your daily duties, especially when you are a working parent.  This routine is so deeply rooted in your system that at times, you overlook the fact that your family time is being compromised.  It isn’t your fault though, but you need to manage these responsibilities in such a way that you teach your children the lesson, that family always comes first.  Every step you take is an example that you are setting for your kids, so if you want to teach them that family should come first, you have to act upon it.  Introducing activities that promote family time is your best shot of teaching your kids the importance of family and how they can always depend on their family for support and help.  You can have your kids involved in everyday activities to spend some quality time with them.

Things to Do

You have a set of chores to do every day.  There are things that you must do on a daily basis and then there are those that can actually be put off.  Choosing those chores over spending time with your family isn’t exactly the right way to go.  Prioritize your work and make time for your kids and your spouse if you want your kids to do the same for you later on.

Involve the Kids

With such busy schedules, it isn’t exactly possible to spend a good 4 or 5 hours just sitting with your kids.  You can go about this by involving your kids in anything they can do along with you.  Now we do understand that a 3 year old or 5 year old can’t do chores as fast as you can, but they will still make the best of their efforts and you get your combined family activity out of it as well.

Create New Family Values

Waiting to cook a special meal for Christmas Eve or Thanksgiving shouldn’t be your plan.  Make your family feel special with your efforts.  Prepare a dinner your kids to enjoy the most on a weekend night or special breakfast on Sunday mornings.  Have your kids and spouse sit at the table together and talk to each other.  Inquire your kids about their lives.  Appreciation is one thing kids yearn for, praise your kids in front of other family members for their tiniest bits of achievements.

Set Examples

Your kids will always follow what you do instead of what you say.  Set an example of how important family is to you.  Bring your parents over often and take your kids to meet them too.  This will create the perspective of always keeping their ties strong with their old people.
You have to start off early with baby steps to raise a family that actually feels like one. You can’t start imposing such rules suddenly one day so give them bits of these practices from day one.

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