Screen Time Rules

Screen Time Rules

Technology has become so common in the form of devices that even toddlers have access to it today. Not very long ago, the only screen time kids got to enjoy was while watching television or playing video games. With smartphones and tablets, regular screen time has increase by leaps and bounds due to the portability and convenience of these devices. You just cannot get your kids to leave these at rest, and honestly, we can’t blame the kids for it entirely, since we are doing pretty much the same thing. When we talk about setting up screen time rules, it should be not just for the kids but for the entire family. The whole purpose of screen time rules is promoting family time hence the rules apply to all.

Screen Time Isn’t the Only Source of Entertainment

Tablets and phones shouldn’t be the only source of entertainment around your house. Kids tend to advance towards those objects when they don’t have anything more exciting to do. Switch to fun activities that involve you and your kids while you are in the house. If you think about it, here is plenty to do other than using phones and tablets; you just need to be creative.

Keep Fun Things around the House

We know it can be difficult to get these devices out of kids’ hands but if you have other fun things to do around the house, this job may get easier. They wouldn’t just want to sit idle after being deprived of their gadgets. Indoor planting activities, cooking, card and board games, scavenger hunt and hide and seek, there are just so many things you can do with your kids apart from screen devices.

Remember That the Rules Apply To You Too

Your kids will follow your example. So, if they see you stuck to your phone all the time and simply asking them to do the opposite, your screen time rules will never work. You need to cut down your own use of gadgets too. Spend that time with your kids in order to maintain a healthy family life. Involve yourself in activities that your kids enjoy doing along with you.

You Can’t Completely Take It Away

It is important to consider that you can’t take all the screen time out of your kids’ lives so don’t aim to do that. This will only result in cranky and rebellious children who will compare you to other parents. In today’s world, you can’t take technology away from the kids and if put to the right use, it is actually very beneficial for your kids. What you should actually observe is the type of content your kids are watching while enjoying their screen time.

Imposing screen time rules is a combined effort and everyone in the house needs to be a part of it.





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