Cheers to Chores – Helping out Around the House

Cheers to Chores – Helping out Around the House

It is normal to look at your kids make faces when you ask them to do some chores around the house. The idea of helping around the house isn’t much rejoiced by kids. To have your kids help you around the house willingly, you have to make them feel empowered and provide to them a sense of ownership over the house. If you tell them that everything around the house is theirs too, and to make it look pretty, they should help mum and dad, they will feel that they are a part of something greater than themselves. If their input is valued, kids will start taking interest in playing their part in getting chores done. The feel of others being dependent on them creates a sense of responsibility among children and they tend to do things as best as they can.

Make Chores Fun

Make chores a play time. Have your kids help you decide what to cook for dinner and use their assistance in the kitchen. Let them give you a hand in topping up pancakes with smiley faced whipped cream. Play music and do a little dance party around the kitchen while you prep up delicious meals for and with your kids.

Give Them Challenges

Kids love challenges. They would love to prove you wrong by doing what you think they couldn’t. Make it a challenging chore by simply saying “Mummy folded ten t-shirts in 5 minutes yesterday. Can Stefan do it faster?” and see your kid trying to beat you at it. Competition creates the urge for winning so this is one way you can have your kids help you with chores willingly.

Change Routines

Performing the same set of chores everyday gets boring for kids and it is perfectly natural. Change your kids’ assigned tasks weekly if not every other day. If you make them do the same chores every day, they wouldn’t like it and start feeling burdened.  If one kid does dishes a day, don’t make them do it all the time, have another child do it while the first one unloads the dryer for everyone. This way, the kids will have a change in their routine. Or you can also assign days to your kids with meals, where one kid picks the dinner meal for one day while the other does for the next day and helps in making it.

Make Them Feel Needed

Kids love it when they feel that their efforts are being valued and that their contributions matter to the people around them. Always appreciate and thank your kids for their help. Tell them that you depend on them and you really value their assistance. Make them realize that they contribute to a major part in making this house a home.





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