Manners Every Kid Should Know By Age 9

Manners Every Kid Should Know By Age 9

Mistakes come as a part of the innocence package with your child when we talk about manners. Manners aren’t a default setting in a child’s system, you obviously have to work on them with your child. There is no doubt that you can be your child’s best teacher, same goes for when it comes to teaching them manners. Your child’s occasional misconducts regarding etiquette aren’t a part of their personality but more of a gray area that you might have forgotten to address. It can’t be counted as your fault as well, as all of you are doing the best you can with work and home and chores. Although there might be a few basic manners all kids should know by the age of 9, let’s take a look.

Manner #1 : The Magic Words

Teaching your kids the “magic words” is very important. Your magic words can be the three basic; sorry, please and thank you.  These words teach your kids the lesson of being polite and empathetic to others and are a must know for all kids.

Manner #2 : “Excuse Me”

Teach your kids that they should try not to interrupt when two adults are talking. However, if there is some emergency and they need your attention right away, saying “excuse me” is the right way to get it.

Manner #3 : Always Ask If In Doubt

Tell your kids that they might face situations where they aren’t very sure of what choice to make. Asking for your permission and letting you know of what they plan on doing is the right thing to do. For example your kid feels like painting but they aren’t sure if they can do it in the living room so it is better to ask you than facing any trouble later on.

Manner #4 : Be Kind to Others Feelings

Teach them not to mention out loud or make comments on other people’s physical appearance whether the other person is the same age as theirs or elder or younger. If they want to make some positive or complimenting comments, they should definitely go for it. Their kindness is always welcome.

Manner #5 : I’m Great, How Are You?

When people ask your kids how they are doing, they should respond positively and inquire about the other person’s wellbeing and health always. It is the cutest and kindest gesture by a kid and it will make all the adults fall for them.

Manner #6 : Be Appreciative of Your Hosts

Once they are done with a fulfilled day of play date at a friend’s house, they should always thank their friend’s parents and family for having them and for the great day they had.

Manner #7 : Knock Before Entering

Teach your kids that they should always knock on closed doors before entering. Do not enter a room without asking for permission first.

Manner #8 : Hold the Door

Teach them to check and hold the door for others behind them once they walk through a door. It is a cute, little, delightful gesture on the kid’s part but it is sure to win some hearts.

Manner #9 : Contribute to The Family (Don’t Be Lazy)

Teach them that when they see any adult doing a chore, they should offer to help. Similarly, if an adult asks them to do, they should do it happily and without frowning.

Manner #10 : There is a Time and Place for Everything.

Your children need to learn to be calm when seated at the table and not to reach for things that are far from them. Tell them to ask you to give them whatever they want to avoid any incidents.

You might be the one teaching and preaching your kids about manners, but most of it depends on you too. You are your child’s role model and they will follow what you do. Make sure you do not display any loopholes in your behavior because you cannot expect your child to do it if you don’t do it yourself. They will follow your example at every step.


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