Ensuring Hygiene in Your Kids

Ensuring Hygiene in Your Kids

Teaching your kids healthy hygiene habits is a part of taking care of them. Teaching them how to take care of themselves through hygienic habits is very important to protect them against germs and illnesses. There are various ways that your kids can come into contact with germs, for example sneezing into their hands, eating without washing their hands or running with a bagel right after coming from a bike ride. It’s not just about your child’s health, but about the health of all the others around them as well.  Let’s see what steps you can take to ensure your kids pick up all the right hygiene habits.

Food Hygiene and its Importance

When you start teaching hygiene to your kids, begin with food hygiene; the very basic practices of washing their hands before they eat or not eating something that might have fallen off from their hands. Tell your kids about germs and bacteria and how they can affect their health, causing food poisoning and upset stomachs. Teach your kids to wash their hands thoroughly before and after every meal or while they help you in the kitchen or every time they come home from the outside. Wash out all the soap nicely when they wash their hands.

Hand and Paper Towel Hygiene

Hand hygiene is essential for prevention against diseases among children. Again, washing hands is the basic that should be followed but in addition to that you should also guide your kids where they should use napkins, paper towels and toilet paper. Teach them to always use toilet paper when using public toilets and to open and close the taps there as well. Make them carry napkins with them when they go out to play so that they can use them in case they need to sneeze or wipe off their sweat.

Sleep Hygiene

Sleep hygiene is necessary to build up healthy habits in your kids for their sleep and relaxation. The body needs to restore energy and revive cells so sleep hygiene helps with that. Help your kids create a consistent sleeping routine. Change in sleep patterns affect children in various ways. Teach your children that their beds are only for sleeping and they shouldn’t use it for eating in it or doing their homework. Healthy sleep habits enable you kids to grow healthy.

Body Hygiene for Kids

Healthy body hygiene habits enable your kids to grow stronger. You should tell them to shower regularly to keep their bodies clean and healthy. Make them brush their teeth twice a day. Tell them that it isn’t healthy to touch their face with dirty hands all the time and they should take care of their skin by keeping their hands clean and using moisturizers.  Be a hygiene role model and your kids are sure to follow your example. Practice every habit that you want them to pick and adopt. Hygiene is extremely important for your kids’ health so you shouldn’t compromise on that.


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