Four of the Best TV Shows for Kids

Four of the Best TV Shows for Kids

Screen time is something you have to give to your kids. They just won’t do without it. TV shows can be very informative and educational for your children. You just have to put some effort in searching for the right content, and it is not that difficult these days. TV shows for kids range between all ages and types of content. Some shows are meant for entertainment solely while others are educational but most of the kids’ shows fill both purposes at once.

Let’s go through some shows that are just the right things for your kids to watch.

1. Ask the Storybots

For children of ages 2 years or above, ask the storybots is an educational series and entertaining at the same time. The show allows quality family time content, which will let you enjoy the show along with your kids. The show is based on the story of “answering a big question for the kids” and includes music, videos, letters and rhymes.

2. Care Bears & Cousins

Perfect for ages 3 years and plus, Care Bears & Cousins bring lessons of caring, friendship, sharing and empathy through a colorful depiction of cartoons. The show is enjoyed immensely by the kids and parents.

3. Julie’s Greenroom

The show promotes performing arts. The show stars Julie Andrews and puppets that put up the colorful picture of performing arts on the screen, provoking similar interests to build within your kids and giving them an opportunity to explore their talents. The show is great for kids of ages 4 years and above.

4. The Loud House

The loud house is a purely entertainment based show that covers the dynamics of big families through the perspective of the middle child and the only boy among the siblings with kind messages. The show has the right humor for kids and is the perfect and fun entertainment for the whole family. The show is recommended for kids of ages 6-years and above.

These shows are the perfect combination of education and entertainment for the kids and they allow you to enjoy the time with your child as well.



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