For the Toddler’s Tummy

For the Toddler’s Tummy

Kids can get stubborn when it comes to eating. For some undefined reason, they just don’t want to eat at times. Mommies and daddies tend to get worried wondering if their children are getting the proper nourishment that they require to grow strong and healthy. What parents might forget is the fact that babies have taste buds too, which need to be satisfied.

There are plenty of easy recipes that you can stir up for your toddler’s tummy. Let’s check out a few of the dishes that might be helpful for you.

Fruity Chicken and Rice

Babies and children love this dish for its sweetness and texture. You can make it with boiled rice, rotisserie chicken and canned apricots. The flavors are just perfect for the kids.

Chicken, Cheese and Vegetable Patties

These are a delight for the little ones. A combination of chicken, cheese and potatoes is always the kids’ favorite. Offer it to the kids in a bun for the burger style or just on its own, they will definitely love it.

Ham and Pineapple Pizza Muffins

Pizzas made on muffins are the ultimate savior of mums who are busy. Pop some ham, pineapples and cheese on the muffins and grill them until the cheese melts. Easy and yummy!

Chicken Meatballs

This easy recipe is loved by both, kids and adults. Tender to bite, kids love them rolled in a flatbread or just as it is. Pop them in a lunch box or serve at a snack time, they make a perfect meal.

Cheesy Chicken Sticks

With the perfect balance of crunch and flavor, these cheesy chicken sticks will become one of your kids’ favorites. Fried chicken is loved by children of all ages, just add a little bit of the cheesy goodness with parmesan and watch as the little ones devour every single bit of it.

These easy recipes will surely help you feed your kids with foods full of taste and nourishment.


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