Sharing is Caring — Teaching Your Child to Share

Sharing is Caring — Teaching Your Child to Share

Sharing is a trait that isn’t very easily adopted by children. Children tend to behave according to the process of “mine” rather than “let’s share”. You cannot blame children for this due to their age and innocence. It is the parents’ responsibility to teach their child lessons about sharing, caring and empathy. Children aren’t that difficult to teach , especially when they’re young and their minds keen on learning. Let’s see what steps you can take to teach your child how to share.

Start Young

Start teaching your child about sharing or any other good manners at a very young age. Do not wait for an unpleasant incident to happen when your child meets other children and acts selfishly. Start out by teaching your child the importance of sharing at home at an early age.

Be a Role Model

This is very important. Your child only learns from what he sees you do. Parents are children’s first teachers and it is essential for parents to display the behavior they expect their children to present. Teach your child to share through your actions. Sharing common things among parents can teach the child to share as well.

Make Believe

If you have more than one child, encourage them to share things among themselves. Introduce games to them or role plays that encourage them to share their belongings with one another. If you have a single child, be a playmate yourself.

Play Dates

Play dates can be very helpful to teach the lesson of sharing to your children. Invite their friends over for play dates and encourage your children to share their toys with the guests. The fun environment of a play date can very nicely sow the seed of sharing in your child’s behavior.

Sharing is an important trait and every child must know it. It might take time to teach your child to share but it will be a worthwhile effort.

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