Keeping the kids busy after school

Keeping the kids busy after school

“Mom I’m bored.”

All mums are so familiar with this phrase. Once your kids are back from school, keeping them engaged and entertained is one of your top priorities. It’s not necessary that your kids are enrolled in after school activities. Creating fun activities that will be a part of your child’s learning as well as allow you to spend some quality time with them is what you need. When you sit and think about these activities, there are so many that you can actually do with your kids. It will keep them involved and busy and allow your kids to learn new things in a creative and enjoyable manner.

Edible Art

A healthy snack after school is important for those little bellies. Involve you kids in this activity of creating a fun and filling snack. Let them help you while you make something to feed them. Have them help you create meals they would enjoy preparing and later eating.

Scavenger Hunt

Do a little scavenger hunt within the house. Place your kids’ toys over the place and leave them easy to guess clues. Trust us, this activity can keep them indulged for hours and they will love every bit of it. It will also encourage curiosity within your kids.

Exercise Together

Exercise is undoubtedly a very healthy activity for you and your kid, both. Plan a time of the day when you can exercise with your kid. This will teach them about the importance of health and fitness and also encourage the habit of working out in their bright futures.

Arts and Crafts

Arts and crafts are the best way to ignite the creative side of your child. It provides a unique way for your child to express his/her ideas and thoughts, and there is a lot you can learn about your child by what s/he displays in their artsy creations. Spend a part of your day with your child between color pencils crayons and books and see the marvels they create.

These basic after school activities can help your child learn so much and adapt healthy activities. They also allow you to spend some quality mother-baby time together.

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