Being the juggler- Managing activities with multiple kids

Being the juggler- Managing activities with multiple kids

The more kids you have, the more management you require. Having kids is indeed a blessing but managing all of them can be troublesome at times. Every kid has different demands that might not go along so well with your schedule or with your other babies. Managing all the kids and their activities within the limited 24 hours can be tough target to achieve.
Though there is always something you will have to let go, here are a few tips that you can pick to manage your time in a better manner being a mum of many.

Planning is key to success.

After school activities are very important for your children. They expand a child’s interest and help them discover their talents. From football games to ballet lessons, after-school activities can be endless. Moms with several kids know how difficult it can be to manage every child’s activity. From reaching the venue on time to having all the proper gear, and taking snacks when it’s your kid’s turn, it can all be a lot to manage. The best way to go about these activities is talking the issue out with your kids. With multiple kids wanting to adopt multiple activities, you just need to be vocal about how much can they do. Obviously, you require your children to do the bit of their chores, homework and spend some quality family time together as well. Talk to your children about their schedules and what time is feasible for you to take them to their activities.


Once you have talked to your kids about how much of the extracurricular activities they want to or they should take up, organize your day and your kids’ day as well. Use a white board with separate columns for days of the week with every child’s schedule on it. This will help you remember what schedule you have to follow for the day and will remove the chances of confusing one day with another or one activity with another.


Stick to the weekly schedule, although there might be a few pop up situations where you might have to alter from the designated schedule, but try to accommodate it within your kids’ school hours. If those are also your working hours then the day might be tough for you but you have to cram it all in. A few days might be tougher than others but being the super mom, you will manage.

Multiple kids with multiple activities might not be the easiest thing on the planet but if you time yourself and schedule your day accordingly, it isn’t the toughest thing either.

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