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Hello Parents!

Kidswantmore is a platform for all your parenting needs!
Parenting is a full-time job! And all parents need a little inspiration to nurture a life for their children which is full of knowledge, wisdom and care. Therefore, brings to you an entire world of parenting insights to enjoy being a parent!

Kids of today require a little extra attention! The rising level of competition, the struggle to keep up with the progressing world and the need to be smart with the people comes almost as a habit. While you may raise your child with unconditional love and innocent smiles – there is a need to keep them updated with the world that lies outside the house.

At we help you come across a variety of arts, crafts, activities, entertainment and parenting tips so that you can bring the best of the world for your child.

Nurture your child’s talent!

As parents, we have an obligation to make sure that our children’s requirements are met and they are always happy and healthy. In their impressionable years there is a constant need to mentally and physically challenge the child for their utmost growth – Nurturing this talent of your child brings out the best of their personality and makes them a lively person.
Kidswantmore is your friend to help your child choose the right games, entertainment, TV shows and hobbies at the right age to nourish their talents and bring out the best in everything they do!

We act as a medium to bring activity and child care services together for the parents – in one platform! is a child’s medium to find new experiences, a parent’s guide to learn good parenting and a businessman’s gateway to connect to both for being of service to them!

Prepare for the future!

The toughest task for a parent is to be a parent! Being a parent is about being on a constant duty as a friend, philosopher and guide to the child. While taking the best care of child’s necessities there is an utmost need to prepare them for the future.

With quality education, right bend towards the talent and bringing in confidence to face the world – celebrates the activities, growth and development of a child. You shall find with us the best of health and mental well-being, entertainment, inspiration and even parenting tips to do your job at its best!

Kids want more and we serve more for the parents to meet the wants!